Concussion & ImPACT Testing

At Next Generation Pediatrics we have developed a clinic with specialized care to address the more prevalent issue of concussions.

A concussion is an alteration of mental status and function caused by a sudden and sometimes violent movement of the brain inside of the skull. This creates metabolic and energy problems with the brain that often are not seen on any CT or MRI scans. Symptoms vary widely and can change over time. It is critical to prevent a recurrent injury while your child is recovering.

Neurocognitive Testing & Concussion Management

  • ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing
  • It is a tool to measure the severity and effects of a concussion
  • Helps our providers to determine when it is safe to return to sports or activities
  • Can be administered to children ages 10 and over

ImPACT is a 45 minute, computerized test that measures brain processing speed memory, and visual motor skills.

It may detect subtle changes in cognitive functioning that are not detected with clinical exam or symptom reporting by the child. We provide both baseline testing which is very important and also post injury testing in our office. We like to see our patients within 72 hours after injury.

Please contact our office at (724) 482-2220 to schedule your child’s baseline ImPACT test. If your child is injured please call to speak with our medical team. The cost is $25.00 for baseline testing.